April 29, 2021 Organizing and Networking Meeting

Thursday, April 29, 2021 – Organizing and Networking Meeting

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Building Awareness through DME Providers - Envisioning a Strategy to Reach Our Community

It can be a challenge to reach our community - to get an advance connection with those who would be potentially at risk of losing access to the use of electrically powered durable medical equipment (DME) from power loss, or disaster scenario resulting in extended power loss and/or relocation. We envision that one solution that would be impactful would be ensuring suppliers of DME will send an informational notice that would connect recipients to the Disability Disaster Access and Resources Network.

Come strategize with us, and share any unique ideas and/or work that you are currently doing to promote building a disaster resiliency network.

We will also be sharing updates on COVID-19 Vaccination, including the state's upcoming commitment to providing transportation and at-home vaccination.

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