Public Safety Power Shutoffs

If you are in immediate danger please contact your local emergency services or dial 9-1-1.
Disability Disaster Access & Resources


If you are at risk of being adversely affected by Public Safety Power Shutoffs, use this link to apply for resources from our website.

A page listing disability disaster resource centers equipped to assist you in the event of Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

Learn about PG&E's Self-Generation Incentive Program. Future PSPS related training and presentations will be uploaded to this page as they are made available.

Information & Research

CFILC and DDAR developed and administered a program evaluation to identify and understand the needs of our DDARC partners from a local perspective. The Gaps and Impact Report is a comprehensive analysis based on evaluation results from twenty DDARCs.

A snapshot review of our September 26 - September 29 Public Safety Power Shutoffs event relief effort.

A snapshot review of our September 7 - September 10 Public Safety Power Shutoffs event relief effort.

A snapshot review of our October 2019 Public Safety Power Shutoffs relief efforts.

A fact sheet developed by PG&E outlining the resources available to the Access and Functional Needs (AFN) community through our collaboration.

A fact sheet developed by PG&E explaining their enhanced outreach efforts aimed at the AFN community.

Tools & Tips

PSPS Backup Battery Options for DDAR Consumers
English | Spanish

A tip sheet provided to staff explaining backup battery options provided by the Disability Disaster Access & Resources (DDAR) PSPS Backup Battery Program. Accessible PDF for online viewing or professional printing.

A social media promo graphic announcing the collaboration between PG&E and CFILC.

In-house documents developed to assist you in preparing for the next disaster.

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